ISAS Natural Sciences serves the agricultural input market as a provider of integrated, sustainable agricultural solutions. Excessive use of chemical and synthetic plant protection products (PPPs) and their negative effects on the environment and human health have necessitated the development of innovative and environmentally friendly plant protection products.

Some of the problems that arise after the use of synthetic chemical plant protection products are as follows:

  • Pesticide residues on food
  • Pollution of soil and groundwater
  • Micro-plastics used when formulating synthetic chemicals end up in nature
  • Diseases and pests develop resistance after excessive use

ISAS is a company dedicated to supporting the solution of the above-mentioned problems, contributing to public health and the safe continuation of agricultural production. ISAS develops sustainable solutions by collaborating with innovative start-ups.

Especially the design of products containing botanical active molecules is made by ISAS. These designs are then produced as a pilot by strategic partners with patented formulation technologies. Pilot products are field tested on a large scale. They are put into service for agriculture after a long-term licensing and registration process.

SJV Biotech India and ISAS are advancing with a very deep collaboration in the fields of product design, formulation, production and marketing. Both companies own significant shares in each other. As the pillar of our sustainable philosophy, we formulate our products with herbal bio-active molecules.

Although botanical molecules gave excellent results in terms of biological activity, they were difficult to formulate, not user-friendly, and costly raw materials. However, new approaches developed in partnership with İSAS and SJV have enabled botanical active ingredients to be as effective, cost-effective and user-friendly as synthetic pesticides.





In addition to bringing many of our products to the market using biotechnology together with our international and national partners, ISAS provides technical support to our producers on the environment and sustainable agriculture and helps raise public awareness.

Social responsibility campaigns, used as a social communication mechanism in many companies, are the main business philosophy of ISAS.